Winner of The prestigious NAPPA GOLD Award, THE AMAZING TOY Award, A PARENT'S CHOICE Award and one of the Top 5 Albums of the Year by AMAZON.COM , DISNEY'S FAMILY FUN MAGAZINE and THE CHICAGO PARENT

"Clearly an album meant to be enjoyed by the whole family with its creative reworking of these classic songs, masterfully arranged and superbly presented."

--Chicago Parent magazine

"A new, fun and hilarious twist on favorites...a high energy musical jamboree complete with toe-tapping beats and absolutely delightful musical arrangements.  Parents and kids will find themselves laughing out loud and hard-pressed not to dance around the room to the blues and country influenced songs."

-- Nashville Parent magazine

"One of the most inventive collections of classic kids' songs the genre has to offer.  Ewing creates jazzy, bluesy, rocked-up hybrids...the high speed results are hilarious."

-- Disney's Family Fun magazine

"On this premier album, classics take humorous twists."

-- Nick Jr. Magazine

"Certainly one CD that will save a parent's ears.. Skip Ewing takes common kids' tunes and gives them juice."

--Kalamazoo Gazette

"Skip truly has a gift for creating music."

Sheila Donlan, WLUW Radio "Kids Play" show, Chicago

"We made this record because we believed in the material and the audience," Ewing says. "This is such an important time for families to come together. We truly feel that adults will like this as much as the kids. We couldn't have had more fun making it!"

-- Skip Ewing

Big Kidz Band - Indian Elephant Teahttp://www.bigkidzband.comshapeimage_3_link_0

The Big Kidz Band
Parent’s Choice Award
NAPPA Gold Award
Amazing Toy Award
Top 5 Albums of the Year by, Disney’s Family Fun Magazine, and The Chicago Parent!http://www.bigkidzband.comshapeimage_4_link_0

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